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All You Need To Know About The Benefits Of Hosted Telephony For Your Business

Back to more business-focussed matters now! Recently I decided to upgrade the phone system in my home and small office. I did this for a few reasons outlined below – and worked with a Cheshire-based business called Brighter Bills to get it set-up (who I would highly recommend). Anyway, if you are a small business owner, having hosted or cloud or whatever-its-called telephony is still cheaper, more reliable and better all round. Look into it after reading the below benefits!

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The technological advancements of the 21st century have not only made our personal lives more comfortable, but they have also provided businesses with various beneficial features. One of the most advantageous products for businesses of all sizes is that of the hosted telephony. It has been seen that proprietary phone systems consume a lot of IT resources and this can negatively affect business productivity, especially the smaller companies and sole proprietors. This article will provide the top five advantages to utilizing a hosted telephony in a company.

1. Cost Efficiency

As is mentioned above, the use of a traditional phone system can increase the use of IT resources and this can result in great expense. Traditional systems require frequent maintenance which can result in several repairs to be completed; thus increasing the overall running cost of this network. Fortunately, the various costs for communication can be reduced by utilizing a hosted telephony service. This service is managed by a third party which removes the stress and maintenance cost from you. Furthermore, the service does not have a complex infrastructure to purchase and install as it utilizes internet connections to deliver communications.

2. Outsourced Maintenance

As is mentioned above, the management of a hosted telephony service is conducted by a third party, offsite provider. This provider offers a strong team of in-house staff who has the experience and expertise to maintain the service effectively. Furthermore, the outbound network has the correct funding to provide successful maintenance of the system including repairs, updating and network scanning.

3. Reliability

Surveys have indicated that a hosted telephony service is highly reliable in connecting all communications without any ‘hiccups’. It is able to connect the calls without any delays, lagging, or interruptions in communication – a very important aspect when dealing with overseas clients.

4. The Scale

As a company expands the amount of work to be completed will grow exponentially. In traditional situations, this increased scale of operations can cause interferences with the telephone system as the system cannot handle the mass of information; however, this is not the case with hosted telephony services. The hosted telephony service is beneficial in that it can manage large levels of communications seamlessly. This is due to the fact that all connections are made via the internet removing a limited connection capacity.

5. Disaster Recovery

The final, and potentially most important, beneficial factor is the disaster recovery feature. A looming problem that almost all companies face is the chance of all information being lost during a system malfunction and this is highly possible with regards to telephone communication networks. This disruption can cause a great deal of distress and will stall any activity within the company. A hosted telephony system can avoid this problem by using the hosted environment and protecting all communication information.

Final Words On The Matter

It is important to consider the communications aspect of any new business as this is the building block of interaction with clients. Using the information above you can make an informed decision as to whether or not the hosted telephony system is suited to your needs.

The Importance of Getting a Regular Service for your Audi

I love my Audi. I mean I really REALLY love my Audi. I was getting it serviced the other day and the nice man (Steve) told me off. It was way overdue! So as a way to stop feeling so guilty and because I really needed to get some content on here as it has been so log, I asked him to write me up a post about why we need to service our Audi’s regularly!

Most people think that regular Audi servicing is a waste of money. Therefore, they try to avoid it altogether. What they do not know is that they are pitting themselves into huge problems. First of all, you will have a lot of problems when claiming your car insurance and at the same time endangering your life and other drivers.

Benefits of getting a regular car servicing for your Audi
Regular car services are meant to make your car more efficient. It also makes your car more reliable and safe. During the service more than 50 components of the system checks, car components and adjustments are done within a full service.

Checking and changing fluids important to your car make the service value for money. If you skip the services, there will be excessive stress on your vehicle components. With a service, you will never encounter problems such as cooling system problems.

These problems will cause you a fortune to fix if you were never in for a service check. An un-serviced car experiences expensive and inconvenient breakdowns. The situation can become even more serious incase a mechanical failure occurs when you are on the open road and the braking or the car steering is affected.

Longer life span
A correctly serviced vehicle will have a longer life span. During regular car servicing, the oil filter can be changed. This will help your car to be more effective and function smoother. This will in turn translate to a longer lifespan for your Audi. Audi service Liverpool – for professional service and care!

Peace of mind
There is nothing more troubling than having to think about what may happen to your car system in the road. This may cause panic to you as you do not know how your car system is like. However, regular servicing will help you be more comfortable with your car and not have to worry about any mechanical problems. It gives you peace of mind.

Higher selling value
At times, you may want to sell your car. If your car have been in for regular car servicing and your log book shows all that it will earn a higher price than if it was not. This is because the buyer is more confident that the car has not experienced any mechanical problems he does not know about.


What happens during an Audi service? This video gives a quick overview!

Reduces fuel cost
In the long term, regular servicing will be very beneficial to your pocket. Not only because you will not be able to incur extra costs when a major breakdown occurs but because of reduced fuel consumption. If you regularly service your car, it will use less fuel.

How long should it take to take my car for servicing?
The general rule of the thumb is to make sure you service your vehicle after every 6 months. However, if your car develops a problem that needs attention, it is wise to take it for servicing

Continue taking your Audi for regular servicing. If not, why dont you start it today? You will get a lot of benefits and your car will be more valuable. Do not also forget that an insurance claim in case of anything will not be hard.