Interesting Idea on Office Space…

I tend to work from home quite often, but I do have a desk at my friends business premises which I use sometimes when I need to feel a part of the world again. Anyone who works from home understands this, the rest of you will think we’re crazy. I admit that before working from home, the thought of it was like a dream come true, but it can get lonely sometimes. Yes, even with two children! And kittens. And the occasional work from home Husband. Ok, so maybe not lonely, more like needing my own space!

So occasionally I’ll work at my friend’s office. There are about 5 of them there, and it’s nice to feel a part of that environment sometimes and have a chat about last night’s TV over a brew with them. But sadly it’s all ending, as they are moving premises. But this is what prompted me to write this blog post, as I had never heard of this before now!

Storage facilityThey aren’t relocating to a new office space, or a more modern one, but instead to a storage depot. Yes, you read that right. A storage depot. One of those little rooms people store all their crap, sorry I mean ‘collectibles’ in. Just outside Liverpool, they will be in one of those buildings you see with ‘Big Yellow’ or similar plastered on the outside. When my friend told me, I think my face must have painted a pretty accurate picture of a a sheep caught in barbed wire, as she felt compelled to explain it in more detail. Apparently, it’s dirt-cheap compared to a normal office. Plus it’s very secure, and the lease is so flexible you can literally be out in a week if you want.

They also have great options on size. If they need more space, they simple hire out another room! If they need less, they drop a room. Apparently they aren’t the only one either. There are newspaper reports on this trend, such as this one here. I imagined a dark and dimly lit damp warehouse, but when she showed me some images, I was shocked. The corridors are well lit and clean, the ‘offices’ are plain and simple, but nice enough, and you can pretty much do what you want in them. Also, the staff at the door will take care of mail and signing for packages for you, free of charge.

She also assures me I can still have a desk, so that’s good. The only issue is lack of natural light. Apparently there is only 2 windows in their chosen store room, so it may feel a bit weird after a while, but the staff are all willing to try it and see how they feel, and due to the way the lease works,if they didn’t like it, they would just leave. But all this costs less than half what they pay now, and they get a slightly bigger working space. The company is called Chaffinch Student, and apparently they specialise in student storage Liverpool area, and student storage in general, of all things! So definitely not pitching at office space people!

I found this all amazing, and you can probably tell I still haven’t got my head around it! But I’ll pop down and give it a go, out of curiosity at the very least!

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