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What ACTUALLY Happens When You Put the Wrong Fuel in Your Car!

My bestest friend in the whole world (Love you Ames!) owns a business with here Husband Rob, doing emergency repairs on cars where the owner has put the wrong fuel in. This is BIG business, don’t be fooled, as he gets about 15-20 calls PER DAY!

Seems that we are a nation of forgetful/clumsy people! I asked him to write a short piece about what happens to a car when you do this but he said that actually the article below which was originally published on Green Flag covered it all pretty well. So here it is:

Putting the wrong fuel in your car could be disastrous for your engine as well as your pocket. Dr Geraint Owen from the University of Bath explains exactly what happens when you misfuel a car. He should know. As a senior lecturer in automotive engineering he helps nurture future generations of mechanical engineers and knows everything there is to know about engines.

Critical component 1: The fuel pump

There is a simple reason why petrol is not good for a diesel-powered car. Petrol acts as a solvent which means it prevents the lubricating action that diesel fuel delivers to the precious components of the engine, most significantly the fuel pump. Fill a diesel-powered vehicle with petrol and drive away until it shudders to a halt and you can do serious damage to the fuel pump. That sets off a chain reaction that is very bad news.

Think of it like running an engine without oil: there is a high level of friction, the high-pressure fuel pump’s high tolerance components are running without lubrication and grind together producing ‘swarf’. These are tiny metal fragments, almost like shavings. They enter the fuel system and travel towards the fuel injectors with disastrous consequences.


Critical component 2: The fuel lines

You’ve filled your diesel car with petrol, started the engine, driven down the road and suddenly the car conks out. In order to travel from the fuel tank (usually at the rear) to the engine (usually at the front), the petrol will use the fuel lines. These are now contaminated, as are their rubber seals and those of the fuel injectors. Petrol can eat away at some seals in a diesel engine so it needs to be flushed through with a cleaning agent and then assessed for potential damage. In a worst-case scenario, all contaminated parts must be replaced, which is a time-consuming and costly job.

Critical component 3: The fuel filter

A diesel fuel filter’s job is to prevent any contaminants coming up from the fuel tank and getting into the engine. Like a racing driver wearing fireproof overalls and a crash helmet, it’s a necessary preventative measure but once contaminated by petrol it has to be replaced. It’s the simplest and cheapest component of the chain to fix, perhaps costing less than £100, but that’s small consolation if the garage finds that serious damage has been done to other parts of the fuel system.

Critical component 4: The fuel injectors

Modern diesel engines operate common rail direct fuel injection systems. These inject diesel directly into the combustion chamber, and are incredibly efficient because they operate at high pressure and under precisely controlled timings. If there’s a drawback to these high-tech systems, it’s that they have incredibly fine tolerances, injecting fuel through very small holes. The production of metal swarf fragments from the failed fuel pump can have catastrophic consequences. The swarf blocks the holes in the injectors, preventing fuel from entering the engine to be burned which causes the engine to misfire and eventually stop running. Replacement of the fuel injectors and the ‘common rail’ – the pressurised storage chamber for the diesel fuel – together with the fuel pump is extremely expensive, as in thousands and thousands of pounds.

So there you have it – be careful when you fill up folks! Or you may get a visit from Rob! 😉

LPG Suppliers: The Benefits and Considerations

UK energy rates are raising at a phenomenal rate; this is largely due to federal government tax on gasoline and diesel. LPG conversions are a reliable and affordable option to the inflated energy costs of gasoline as well as diesel, enabling cars to run mostly on Fluid Gas (LPG).

Automobile conversions are utilized to customize existing energy systems, achieved via the setup of a parallel fuel system that makes it possible for the car to switch in between LPG and its major energy. For different technological factors, a gasoline engine is particularly adaptable to an LPG gas conversion; therefore, most conversions are performed on gas cars, as opposed to diesels, which call for modern technologies that are a lot more convoluted.

LPG prices are cheaper than various other types of energy, by around 53%; (some LPG suppliers offer more) this remains in component since it goes through reduced gas tax obligation, however likewise due to the fact that it is better for engines – being less harsh, it causes much less wear therefore indicating lower upkeep prices for the vehicle.

There are about 1,400 fuelling terminals throughout the UK that offer LPG as common, this means that it is simple to refill the storage tank – however failing this, LPG conversions allow the car to switch in between energy resources, as they keep the original energy system. Some vehicle conversions include manual switches that enable the driver to select which fuel type to utilize; with various other conversions, the process is wholly automatic. In general, the converted car will operate on gas up until the engine has warmed up, whereupon it will shift to LPG gas.

LPG is acknowledged as a ‘eco-friendly’ gas, indicating that it is much less destructive to the atmosphere compared to other sorts of gas – with LPG conversions, vehicles will generate fewer exhaust emissions, CO2 result is developed to be around 20% much less for LPG compared to gasoline, consequently, choosing an LPG conversion lowers the carbon footprint of the auto. It is greatly therefore that governments select not to place high taxes on this sort of energy and also why several LPG sustained cars are excused from Congestion Charges in the UK.

The appeal of LPG as an energy is enhancing swiftly, in part due to the ecological advantages of LPG over various other gases, its expense benefits and its raising accessibility. Federal governments throughout the globe are actively motivating their citizens to make use of LPG as an option to gas and also diesel. Moreover, as governments significantly focus their interests on the environmental concerns facing the world today, the incentives to switch over to a cleaner, ‘greener’ gas will certainly remain to proliferate.

The buildings of LPG suggest that it has a high-energy material than some other, a lot more standard, types of gas. It combust quickly, making it a preferred choice in various abilities, from domestic home heating to certain commercial procedures, however is ending up being significantly prominent as a different fuel within the automobile market.

Capitalizing on all the benefits LPG conversions needs to provide makes sense economically, in addition to ethically, because of all the benefits fundamental with autos that operate on LPG, these automobiles maintain their worth far better than autos running on standard energies.

Write-up Source:

All You Need To Know About The Benefits Of Hosted Telephony For Your Business

Back to more business-focussed matters now! Recently I decided to upgrade the phone system in my home and small office. I did this for a few reasons outlined below – and worked with a Cheshire-based business called Brighter Bills to get it set-up (who I would highly recommend). Anyway, if you are a small business owner, having hosted or cloud or whatever-its-called telephony is still cheaper, more reliable and better all round. Look into it after reading the below benefits!

Image courtesy of

The technological advancements of the 21st century have not only made our personal lives more comfortable, but they have also provided businesses with various beneficial features. One of the most advantageous products for businesses of all sizes is that of the hosted telephony. It has been seen that proprietary phone systems consume a lot of IT resources and this can negatively affect business productivity, especially the smaller companies and sole proprietors. This article will provide the top five advantages to utilizing a hosted telephony in a company.

1. Cost Efficiency

As is mentioned above, the use of a traditional phone system can increase the use of IT resources and this can result in great expense. Traditional systems require frequent maintenance which can result in several repairs to be completed; thus increasing the overall running cost of this network. Fortunately, the various costs for communication can be reduced by utilizing a hosted telephony service. This service is managed by a third party which removes the stress and maintenance cost from you. Furthermore, the service does not have a complex infrastructure to purchase and install as it utilizes internet connections to deliver communications.

2. Outsourced Maintenance

As is mentioned above, the management of a hosted telephony service is conducted by a third party, offsite provider. This provider offers a strong team of in-house staff who has the experience and expertise to maintain the service effectively. Furthermore, the outbound network has the correct funding to provide successful maintenance of the system including repairs, updating and network scanning.

3. Reliability

Surveys have indicated that a hosted telephony service is highly reliable in connecting all communications without any ‘hiccups’. It is able to connect the calls without any delays, lagging, or interruptions in communication – a very important aspect when dealing with overseas clients.

4. The Scale

As a company expands the amount of work to be completed will grow exponentially. In traditional situations, this increased scale of operations can cause interferences with the telephone system as the system cannot handle the mass of information; however, this is not the case with hosted telephony services. The hosted telephony service is beneficial in that it can manage large levels of communications seamlessly. This is due to the fact that all connections are made via the internet removing a limited connection capacity.

5. Disaster Recovery

The final, and potentially most important, beneficial factor is the disaster recovery feature. A looming problem that almost all companies face is the chance of all information being lost during a system malfunction and this is highly possible with regards to telephone communication networks. This disruption can cause a great deal of distress and will stall any activity within the company. A hosted telephony system can avoid this problem by using the hosted environment and protecting all communication information.

Final Words On The Matter

It is important to consider the communications aspect of any new business as this is the building block of interaction with clients. Using the information above you can make an informed decision as to whether or not the hosted telephony system is suited to your needs.

The Importance of Getting a Regular Service for your Audi

I love my Audi. I mean I really REALLY love my Audi. I was getting it serviced the other day and the nice man (Steve) told me off. It was way overdue! So as a way to stop feeling so guilty and because I really needed to get some content on here as it has been so log, I asked him to write me up a post about why we need to service our Audi’s regularly!

Most people think that regular Audi servicing is a waste of money. Therefore, they try to avoid it altogether. What they do not know is that they are pitting themselves into huge problems. First of all, you will have a lot of problems when claiming your car insurance and at the same time endangering your life and other drivers.

Benefits of getting a regular car servicing for your Audi
Regular car services are meant to make your car more efficient. It also makes your car more reliable and safe. During the service more than 50 components of the system checks, car components and adjustments are done within a full service.

Checking and changing fluids important to your car make the service value for money. If you skip the services, there will be excessive stress on your vehicle components. With a service, you will never encounter problems such as cooling system problems.

These problems will cause you a fortune to fix if you were never in for a service check. An un-serviced car experiences expensive and inconvenient breakdowns. The situation can become even more serious incase a mechanical failure occurs when you are on the open road and the braking or the car steering is affected.

Longer life span
A correctly serviced vehicle will have a longer life span. During regular car servicing, the oil filter can be changed. This will help your car to be more effective and function smoother. This will in turn translate to a longer lifespan for your Audi. Audi service Liverpool – for professional service and care!

Peace of mind
There is nothing more troubling than having to think about what may happen to your car system in the road. This may cause panic to you as you do not know how your car system is like. However, regular servicing will help you be more comfortable with your car and not have to worry about any mechanical problems. It gives you peace of mind.

Higher selling value
At times, you may want to sell your car. If your car have been in for regular car servicing and your log book shows all that it will earn a higher price than if it was not. This is because the buyer is more confident that the car has not experienced any mechanical problems he does not know about.


What happens during an Audi service? This video gives a quick overview!

Reduces fuel cost
In the long term, regular servicing will be very beneficial to your pocket. Not only because you will not be able to incur extra costs when a major breakdown occurs but because of reduced fuel consumption. If you regularly service your car, it will use less fuel.

How long should it take to take my car for servicing?
The general rule of the thumb is to make sure you service your vehicle after every 6 months. However, if your car develops a problem that needs attention, it is wise to take it for servicing

Continue taking your Audi for regular servicing. If not, why dont you start it today? You will get a lot of benefits and your car will be more valuable. Do not also forget that an insurance claim in case of anything will not be hard.

Networking Events Help Your Small Business in Cheshire

I have been attending more an more networking events in my local area recently. I’ve tried to avoid this as much as possible, as the thought of it makes me shudder a bit. Multiple people all gathered together over stale coffee and feigning chit chat in order to make a sale. All seems so fake and staged!

However, a friend told me that some events are really worth it, so I went to my local BNI event. (Business Network International). Apparently they are a little different, in that you pay for membership, and then you ‘own’ that seat. So for instance, if you are a solicitor and you become a member of BNI South Cheshire, no other solicitor is allowed to join. That means you make long-term relationships and get all the solicitor referrals as you are the only one – so I thought I’d try it out as it’s a bit of a different model.

I was impressed. The meeting runs on time, there was plenty of parking at the Golf Club it was hosted at, and everyone was lovely. You get a sense it is very successful as well, as every week they have a section where referrals are passed around the room, and everyone had something to give, and I think the announcer said there was over £3000 worth of business passed in that one meeting alone.

I got talking to a copywriter there and mentioned this blog. She said she would love to put together a short article on why networking is beneficial, so here it is – many thanks to Heather from Agenda Communications for this:

Let Networking Events Cheshire Help You Build Your Business

Successful entrepreneurs are now part of the Cheshire networking events because they know that networking is basically one of the skills that any entrepreneur should acquire. The business world is also a community of people that interact with one another for the benefit of each other and as such, networking events in Cheshire has created an opportunity

Successful entrepreneurs are now part of the networking events Cheshire because they know that networking is basically one of the skills that any entrepreneur should acquire. The business world is also a community of people that interact with one another for the benefit of each other and as such, networking events in Cheshire has created an opportunity for not only entrepreneurs but also businessmen and women to meet and share out ideas on the way forward. These networking events give businessmen and women of Cheshire the opportunity to meet in a casual event without any pressure or commitment whatsoever.

These business events are serving as avenues for business ideas to be created and also conceptualized all at ones. Thanks to these network events, a number of new businesses in Cheshire have made it bigger than existing businesses of those individuals who do not meet. This is also a platform for people in business to promote their services and products and thus making their businesses be known by others. This is also an opportunity for great minds to meet, compare notes, learn from the experiences of others, gain expertise and knowledge, and most of all, establishes contacts that build long business relationships.

If you have a plan to increase your sales, you can easily use business networking Cheshire events for such. Relationship building is one of the most valuable benefits from networking events and if you are well connected, you will not only increase your sales but also build a better foundation for the future of your business. These events also provide you with the opportunity of making yourself and business memorable by using attractive business cards, and also the opportunity of making good impressions that will captivate the other participants and ensure that you and your business will always be in their minds.

The networking events in Cheshire are conducted once or twice in a year and can be conducted in person or also online. Theses business networking events are very organized in terms of workflow, kind of companies which are invited not forgetting the transaction and coordination of the events. The events have participants who belong to small organizations, online business networking companies, face to face business networking and even general business networking companies. These events are very advantageous to the small scale organizations because they get to meet very many different types of people business organizations.

This is a platform where you can learn a lot, since the presence of all these types of business organizations because enables you to discuss work-related issues as well as come up with different solutions to a common problem. It can also be considered as an option for generating more employment opportunities. By becoming a member of such an event, you can propose your business plan before several esteemed and established business organizations and if you are good and impress them, you might just find a job for yourself. The Cheshire networking events is a chance for you to develop your ideas or small business into a large, conceptualized business organization.

If you want to join South Cheshire BNI, or even just visit, they meet every Friday at 6.45am, at Crewe Golf Club. Call 01270 624209 or email

Electrical Supplies, Distribution Boards and PAT Testing Safety!

My Husband is mad at me :(
Apparently I have written about all sorts on here (including kitten care tips) and yet not promoted his business at all! He feels left out (Aww bless). So I said if he writes an article out, I'll post it. I also said he could consider it his Christmas present from me, but that idea was just met with a scowl and some muttering!
Dave (Hubby) has his own electrical business. He specialises in fitting distribution boards, rotary isolators, consumer units, and all that type of complicated machinery, as well as a PAT Testing arm. PAT testing is explained more below, but basically checks electrical equipment (mainly office items like kettles, printers PC's etc) to ensure they are safe for use. Having these two divisions works well, as it means he gets some good commercial contracts from the supplies, and then the PAT testing element ensures continuity with the clients and a long relationship with repeat purchases. Clever isn't he?
Anyway, over to Dave.

First, thanks to Mel for letting me near her precious blog! I want to write an article on the basics of distribution boards and why it takes a professional company to install them. So here is ‘All You Need To Know About Distribution Boards‘.

The distribution board is also known as a panel board, breaker panel, consumer unit or service panel. The distribution board is part of a building electrical wiring and has the role of splitting the building’s main power feed into smaller subsidiary circuits. The main power feed is divided through the use of protective fuses, circuit breakers or residual-current devices in a common enclosure. The distribution board enclosure also houses the main switch.

A distribution board with RCD

The circuit breaker or residual-current devices are usually placed in two columns. Each row of circuit breakers or residual-current devices is connected to a different phase of the electrical power supply. This is because mains AC electrical power supply comes in split phases i.e. it has more than one energized conductor. This means each pole contact of a circuit breaker or residual-current device is connected to a different phase. This prevents overloading of any of the phases in the AC power supply. The front facing part of the distribution board is always a dead-front, which means no energized(live) parts of the electrical circuitry are exposed. This reduces the risk of electrocution.

A fuse is usually a copper wire placed in a small ceramic cylinder, which melts when a large electrical current flows through it. An increase in the electrical current can be due to an overload or short-circuit. Therefore, a fuse needs to be replaced every time there is an overload or short-circuit.

Circuit Breakers
A circuit breaker is an automatic switch that is designed to protect a subsidiary circuit from an overload or short-circuit. The circuit is designed to detect a sudden increase in electrical current which causes it interrupt current flow. Unlike a fuse which is used only once, a circuit breaker can be manually or automatically reset to allow continued current flow.

The circuit breaker makes use of mechanically stored energy in springs or compressed air tubes, to separate electrical contacts breaking current flow. The sudden increased current can also flow into an electromagnetic relay that then separates the electrical contacts. The electrical contacts are designed to withstand repeated electrical discharge arcs. The contacts are made with copper, copper alloys, and silver alloys.

Residual-Current Devices
The residual-current device has an almost identical physical appearance to the circuit breaker. However, it mode of operation is slightly different. The residual-current device is designed to constantly monitor current flow in the energized conductor and the ‘neutral’ conductor. The main power grid alternating current electrical power supply carries electrical energy in a ‘live’ conductor while the ‘neutral’ conductor is used to complete electrical circuits.

By monitoring and comparing the electric current flowing in and out of an electrical circuit, the residual-current can detect current leakage. Current leakage is usually caused when a part of an electrical circuit becomes grounded. This can be due to a short-circuit or accidental grounding when a person touches a live part of the circuit. Once the current leakage is detected the residual-current device interrupts electrical power flow preventing a potentially fatal electric shock.

3 Phase Distribution Boards

For all the people related to electronics, a 3 phase distribution board may be a relatively simple term. However, for laymen, it can be defined as a component of electric supply system which divides the incoming and the outgoing power supplies. It is called by numerous names like an electric board, panel board, breaker box, fusion board and many more. When we talk of a 3 phase distribution board, the first and foremost thing we should be aware of is about its installation.


Installing a 3 phase distribution board can be quite a challenge. It requires a lot of technical skill and a big responsibility too. There are certain steps that need to be followed for the successful installation of this board. Also, proper care should be taken while checking the incoming and outgoing supplies as there can be chances of you being affected with the passing current. First ensure you get an industry standard distribution board, such as the ones Cudis sell. They must be approved by an official body for setting electrical standards, such as IET.

STEP 1:  

The location has to be determined by the incoming power supply, as in the case of most distribution boards. Also, it has a fully wired integral meter. While fixing it to the wall at a certain height, it is necessary to use your spirit level.


Once the board is fixed on the wall, the unit can be populated or rather activated with the outgoing devices. The technical aspects have to be up to the mark, for example, the bus bar stubs should be correctly inserted into the box clamps and should be tightened correctly. In order to ensure maximum IP protection, fit the full form blanks to any unused outgoing supplies.


In case you are using brown cable, you need to label the incoming cable to differentiate one from the other. This happens only in the case when there are three-phase incoming supply cables. The cables can be labeled as black, brown, grey, from left to right in a way it can be clearly seen. The interface kit should be used to mark the trunking to ensure protection against the sharp edges.


It should be carefully observed that the connecting link is dropped out and not connected while connecting the incoming neutral to avoid the swift passage of current which can be harmful to the human body.


Make sure that the cables are well dressed and secured with the cable ties. Also ensure that the radius bend is neat and there are no sharp bends in the cable. It makes it easier to identify and test circuits when they are labeled nicely and clearly enough.


All the sample tests should be carried out before energizing the flow of current. If the integral meter board is being used, open the blade fuses before the insulation resistance tests are performed. Also ensure that the main neutral link is connected.


Lock the door for security where the board has been heightened or enclosed. A door barrel lock can easily work in this case.


After all the live tests have been carried out successfully, ensure that all the circuits remain identifiable. Check if you have a schedule of circuits attached on the inner side of the door and also see whether the certificates and user documentation are authentic.


The installation of a 3 phase distribution board requires a proper streamlined method. As such the order of the steps is of immense importance. It is in the best interest if a certified professional overlooks the entire installation to negate the chances of the current being overflowed at certain places.

So as you can see from the above, it is a highly technical job. I have recently visited multiple places where someone not qualified, but with a little electrical knowledge has attempted to install a distribution board, or make alterations to one, themselves. Some of them have been downright dangerous! As they say ‘A little knowledge can be dangerous’. Call in a professional company for ANY electrical work!

Also, when working in an office, do me a favour. You see the plugs for all your electrical items? Do they have a green sticker on them? Those things are called PAT test labels. They show when the items was tested, when the next test is due, and hopefully a ‘pass’ symbol (if not, and it’s a red ‘Fail’ label, do not use it!)

If there is no label – get on to your boss now! Whilst they aren’t technically a legal requirement having a PAT done, it can lower your business insurance by having yearly checks done, it is safer, and the Law does state that an employer is responsible for ensuring electrical items are safe – PAT testing can help towards fulfilling that obligation.

A PAT test will involve someone with a relevant qualification coming to test all the appliances in your office. They will compile a report of the tests and results, and can even fix minor issues for you on site (we at Safety-PAT do this free of charge).

So get in touch today for a PAT test or if you know someone who needs some professional electrical engineering carried out!

Thanks for reading, have a great Christmas and 2015! Mel & Dave

Interesting Idea on Office Space…

I tend to work from home quite often, but I do have a desk at my friends business premises which I use sometimes when I need to feel a part of the world again. Anyone who works from home understands this, the rest of you will think we’re crazy. I admit that before working from home, the thought of it was like a dream come true, but it can get lonely sometimes. Yes, even with two children! And kittens. And the occasional work from home Husband. Ok, so maybe not lonely, more like needing my own space!

So occasionally I’ll work at my friend’s office. There are about 5 of them there, and it’s nice to feel a part of that environment sometimes and have a chat about last night’s TV over a brew with them. But sadly it’s all ending, as they are moving premises. But this is what prompted me to write this blog post, as I had never heard of this before now!

Storage facilityThey aren’t relocating to a new office space, or a more modern one, but instead to a storage depot. Yes, you read that right. A storage depot. One of those little rooms people store all their crap, sorry I mean ‘collectibles’ in. Just outside Liverpool, they will be in one of those buildings you see with ‘Big Yellow’ or similar plastered on the outside. When my friend told me, I think my face must have painted a pretty accurate picture of a a sheep caught in barbed wire, as she felt compelled to explain it in more detail. Apparently, it’s dirt-cheap compared to a normal office. Plus it’s very secure, and the lease is so flexible you can literally be out in a week if you want.

They also have great options on size. If they need more space, they simple hire out another room! If they need less, they drop a room. Apparently they aren’t the only one either. There are newspaper reports on this trend, such as this one here. I imagined a dark and dimly lit damp warehouse, but when she showed me some images, I was shocked. The corridors are well lit and clean, the ‘offices’ are plain and simple, but nice enough, and you can pretty much do what you want in them. Also, the staff at the door will take care of mail and signing for packages for you, free of charge.

She also assures me I can still have a desk, so that’s good. The only issue is lack of natural light. Apparently there is only 2 windows in their chosen store room, so it may feel a bit weird after a while, but the staff are all willing to try it and see how they feel, and due to the way the lease works,if they didn’t like it, they would just leave. But all this costs less than half what they pay now, and they get a slightly bigger working space. The company is called Chaffinch Student, and apparently they specialise in student storage Liverpool area, and student storage in general, of all things! So definitely not pitching at office space people!

I found this all amazing, and you can probably tell I still haven’t got my head around it! But I’ll pop down and give it a go, out of curiosity at the very least!

The Benefits of Good SEO

The internet holds so many secrets to the average user; it really is almost like an ancient technology we are still trying to master. Because of this, imbalances are easy to be found in the way the internet works, specifically marketing your website. While search engines are a massive part of building your business a long-term position as a reputable and trustworthy place to work with, it has to be done properly. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the term used for building your website around complying with the search engines.

While these imbalances mean that every now and then the rules are scrapped and changed, following common sense basics in your SEO campaigns can pay huge profits for you in the future. The benefits of having a website which has been organized and built to fit the current algorithms the search engines perceive as “right” can be numerous, like the following;

More Money!

The most basic one is this – if you have a good SEO campaign with your SEO expert Cheshire, then you will be higher up on the search engines for the right keywords and terms. This allows you to almost laser target the traffic you get, ensuring more people are interested in your services. When people are interested in your services and find your site relevant, they are more likely to invest in you and try you out. This, of course, leads to more money in your back pocket.

High Authority

It has been shown in the past that if you are not within the top echelon of search results on Google, you are unlikely to be seen by the masses. For every keen researcher who will go to page 20 to find the results they are looking for, there are ten who will give your website a few seconds to jump out to them. Therefore, being able to position yourself in the top names for your keywords on Google provides you with a swagger and an authority with those looking for information online. Authority is key – when you look like you have the solution to their problems, you will find that your sales will increase.

Check out this video for how to find keywords relevant to you:

Easier To Manage

One of the most important benefits of having good SEO, however, is the fact that it’s easier to manage. Look out for SEO experts who have a solid range of SEO services Cheshire. A strong campaign with only slight tweaks and changes needed is a much better site to manage than a poorly managed site, obviously. If you work with a less reputable SEO “guru” and end up with a site which is poorly ranked, it can be hard to repair the damage. Black hat methods like keyword spamming and flooding sites with your link will actually hurt your reputation, sometimes permanently, with the search engines. However, a well-managed will not suffer from these problems, only needing small changes and updates to keep you at the top of the table for your chosen keywords.

While there are many more benefits to consider for having a site which has seen thorough and professional SEO, these are some of the most important. Being able to purport yourself as a strong authority on the subject without having to pay out your nose to keep yourself at the top is the aim and hope of any business out there, so make sure you follow the rules and ideals for creating a good SEO campaign for your website.